Published Work

Sun through trees

Short stories

Flight of the Gift-Giver

Transpositions blog, December 2020

A theological fantasy in which I play with myth, history, time, and dreams on the night of Christmas.

All Saints Day, 2020

This website, November 2020

A mystery in which I look at the thresholds of All Saints Day (between land/sea, night/day, living/dead), the universal Church, and Scotland in a pandemic.


An Unexpected Journal, June 2020

A science fiction story in which I explore the ghostliness of medical technology, bioethics, and deep-sea mining.

Mist Maker

This website, March 2020

A fantasy in which I delve into the mysteries of late winter beauty, childhood play, dreams, and yearning.


An Unexpected Journal, October 2019

A dystopian short story in which I explore what a re-enchanted world might look like (in the medieval sense) and how people of faith might respond.


The Use of Song, Office Daydreamer, First Glimpse of Frederic Erwin Church’s “The River of Light,” and “Old Yearning”

Peacock Journal, October 2018

Four poems in which I explore the mysteries of music, daydreaming, and yearning.

Essays & Articles

Transept: Thresholds

Transpositions, November 2020

An article in which I describe a meeting of the Transept artist group centered on the theme of thresholds.

Storytelling and Side-Glances

Story Warren, September 2020

An article in which I talk about how “side-glances” or moments of non-essential beauty and wonder in stories shape our ability to see moments like these in everyday life.