Published Work

Sunrise over flowery thistles

Short stories

Riddles and Broken Things
Transpositions blog, In/Break Art Exhibition, March 2021

Flight of the Gift-Giver
Transpositions blog, December 2020

All Saints Day, 2020
This website, November 2020

An Unexpected Journal, June 2020

Mist Maker
This website, March 2020

An Unexpected Journal, October 2019


The Use of Song, Office Daydreamer, First Glimpse of Frederic Erwin Church’s “The River of Light,” and “Old Yearning”
Peacock Journal, October 2018

Creative Nonfiction

5 Tips for Hiking in Winter
Wallflower Journal, February 2, 2023

3 Quiet Books to Deepen Your Days
Wallflower Journal, November 11, 2022

Winter Liminality
Ekstasis, December 2021

Boundaries in Pleasant Places
Ekstasis, June 2021

Transept In/break Artist Reflection: Dreams and Labours
Transpositions, January 2021

Transept: Thresholds
Transpositions, November 2020

Storytelling and Side-Glances
Story Warren, September 2020

Academic Work

Rekindler: Gandalf’s Embodiment of Divine Love on Middle Earth
Fieldmoot Conference (online), November 2022

Wordsworth’s Light and Shelley’s Shadow: Revelation in L.M. Montgomery’s Anne and Emily Series
Journal of L.M. Montgomery Studies, August 2021

Revealing the Father: L.M. Montgomery, Dorothy Sayers, and Doctrine in Art
Transpositions, June 2021