Published Work

Sun through trees

Short stories


An Unexpected Journal, October 2019

A dystopian short story in which I explore what a re-enchanted world might look like (in the medieval sense) and how people of faith might respond.


An Unexpected Journal, June 2020

A science fiction story in which I explore the ghostliness of medical technology, bioethics, and deep-sea mining.


The Use of Song, Office Daydreamer, First Glimpse of Frederic Erwin Church’s “The River of Light,” and “Old Yearning”

Peacock Journal, October 2018

Four poems in which I explore the mysteries of music, daydreaming, and yearning.

Essays & Articles

Storytelling and Side-Glances

Story Warren, September 2020

An article in which I talk about how “side-glances” or moments of non-essential beauty and wonder in stories shape our ability to see moments like these in everyday life.