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I’m a dreamer: a creative writer, book lover, native of New England, and runner. Like Jo March, I was the writing daughter among my three sisters; like Anne of Green Gables, I experienced the beauty and hardships of an enthusiastic imagination; like Lucy of Narnia, I always wanted to find the world behind the wardrobe.

My writing career started at four years old as a joyful response to the stories I loved. My stories express the yearning that other stories give me: yearning for adventure, for beauty, for community, for hope, and for wisdom. The Lord of the Rings, Treasures in the Snow, The Castle in the Attic, Half Magic, the Prydain series, the Secret Garden, and so many more fed my longing and my hope, drawing me towards transcendence.

My deepest identity is my faith in Jesus Christ, the Son of God, author of the greatest Story. Heaven is the true object of my yearning, the happy ending beyond the world’s suffering.

In this blog, I share my own stories, my favorite books, and reflections on the craft of creative writing with other creative writers. I hope to tell “stories of yearning”: to express what yearning feels and looks like, what it does to our minds, hearts, and lives, and where it leads us.